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I have been working with a client who had trust issues and found it difficult to meet new people. He always had a sense of danger and didn't trust anyone, especially men.

He had recurring nightmares about being stabbed in the back, and this fear prevented him from fully enjoying lifeI suggested doing a past life regression session to uncover the root of his fear.

We were able to go back to a past life where he had been brutally stabbed in the back by a shady individual on a bridge in London.

Even though a lady witnessed the event, she didn't help him, and he died in the struggle, completely helpless.

This traumatic experience had created an insurmountable wall, makingit extremely difficult for him to trust anyone. He felt that everyone was a potential threat, and this fear was impacting his life.

However, through the past life regression, he was able to identify the source of his fear and learn valuable lessons from it.

He forgave the lady who didn't help him, understanding that she might not have had the capabilities to do so. He also realized that his mind was wired to identify potential threats, and he couldn't completely control it.

He went from being a fearful and closed-off individual to someone who embraced life and made meaningful relationships. It was a profound change that completely shifted his perspective.

He dug deep and confronted the root of his fears, and was able to let go of them completely. He finally broke free from his past and fully embraced the present. It's amazing to see how much someone can grow and change when they put in the work.

Echoes of Betrayal: Unveiling Trust's True Bridge

Here's the client's perspective on the experience:

"It was like experiencing a prolonged dream, although it was like I've lived this dream before. At first I thought I was imagining it, and then I felt the deep rooted connections to those experiences.

I was like an observer viewing scenes that I could feel emotional connection to. I was able to uncover the reasons for my trust issues with relationships.

After the session I felt like a weight had lifted from me and internally noticed subtle changes in my perspective."

Over the past 3 years I had the opportunity to heal very interesting and beautiful people.

And while many of them had jaw-dropping backstories and crazy transformations on this page you'll be able to read my favourites. (of the ones I'm allowed to share.) 

Jenny had always felt like something was holding her back, like a deep-rooted fear that she couldn't quite place. As a yoga instructor, she was well-versed in mindfulness and body awareness, but she couldn't shake the feeling that there was more she needed to explore.

One day, Jenny stumbled upon the concept of past life regression. Intrigued, she decided to give it a try, hoping to uncover the source of her fears and doubts.

As she delved into her past life, Jenny was shocked to discover that she had been a spiritual healer during the Salem Witch Trials. She had used crystals and other natural elements to help those in need, but her abilities were seen as witchcraft by the community leaders.

She had been accused of practicing black magic and burned at the stake.

Jenny's fear of fire suddenly made sense. It was a remnant of the trauma she had experienced in her past life. But more than that, she realized that her current life was meant to continue her spiritual journey and help others through her yoga practice.

Jenny forgave those who wronged her in her past life and cleared the negative emotions surrounding her traumatic death. She made a plan to use her past life experience as inspiration to help others in her yoga classes and spiritual healing sessions.

But it wasn't easy. Jenny faced the challenge of overcoming her fear of fire and confronting her past life trauma directly. She also had to reconcile her spiritual beliefs with the modern world and navigate the sometimes skeptical attitudes of those around her.

Jenny's journey was emotional and profound, and she emerged from it transformed. From a place of fear and uncertainty, she found a sense of purpose and confidence that she carried with her into every aspect of her life.

From Salem Witch Trials to Yoga Studio; Jenny's story

A father and daughter shared a beautiful bond that nothing could break. But when the father started dating a new woman, their world turned upside down.

From the very beginning, the daughter and the partner clashed, and the more time they spent together, the worse it became. Despite his best efforts to mend the relationship, the father was at a loss.

That's when he turned to me for help, and together we embarked on a journey of discovery through past life regression.

As the session unfolded, the truth came to light. In a past life, the father had been married to his current daughter, and the new partner had been his mistress. The daughter had been devastated by the betrayal, and the tension between her and the new partner had carried over into this life.

But through the power of hypnotherapy, they were able to confront the emotional trauma and begin to heal.

As the daughter grew older, she gained a higher perspective on the situation and began to understand the root of her pain. In the end, the family was able to overcome the pain of the past and move forward.

The father found happiness with his new partner, and the daughter was able to let go of the betrayal and find peace. It was a difficult journey, but one that ultimately led to healing and reconciliation.

Transcendent Bonds of a father and daughter

Deep within the recesses of her soul, a young woman in her 20s was struggling. She felt trapped, unable to break free from the suffocating responsibility of caring for her father.

It weighed heavily on her, preventing her from pursuing her own dreams and aspirations. But when she came to me seeking help, everything changed. Through the power of hypnosis, she was transported back to a past life, a life where she had shared an unbreakable bond with her father.

She saw a happy family living on a remote jungle island in the middle of the vast ocean. Her father was a kind and loving man, and she was his beloved daughter.

However, as she delved deeper into her past, she uncovered a heart-wrenching truth...

When she had turned 18, she had embarked on a dangerous adventure and never returned. The pain and worry that her father had felt were immeasurable, and she realized that she had never truly understood the depth of his grief.

In that moment, everything became clear.

She saw how the trauma of the past had affected their relationship in this life, and the realization shattered his heart into a million pieces. But with that pain came understanding, and with understanding came healing.

Together, we worked to release the emotional trauma and create a path for her to move forward. She was able to find balance and prioritize her own goals, while still maintaining a loving relationship with her father.

It was a journey of growth and transformation, filled with conflict and struggle, but she emerged stronger and more resilient than ever before.

As her hypnotherapist, it was an honor to witness her evolution and see her rise from the ashes of her past, like a phoenix taking flight towards a bright and beautiful future.​​

Redemption's Voyage Through Past Pain

I once met a woman who weighed 600 pounds and had tried every weight loss therapy without success. She was on the brink of giving up when I suggested past life regression therapy as a new approach to address the root cause of her problem.

During the past life regression session, the woman discovered a past life where she was a female servant to a king's concubine. She was the most beautiful and attractive lady at that time, and many people wanted her.

However, after the good king died, a bad king took over and mistreated her and the other girls.

He often picked on her because of her beauty, and she didn't like this. In response, she began to eat excessively until she became unattractive. She also made a vow to herself to never get hurt like that again.

Through past life regression, the woman realized that her subconscious mind thought that adding weight would protect her. This defense mechanism is common, as the subconscious mind tries to keep us alive.

By addressing the root cause of her emotional trauma, identifying the problem, and clearing the trauma, she was finally able to lose several hundred pounds and return to a normal weight.

Thanks to her courage and the effectiveness of past life regression hypnotherapy, the woman achieved her goal of weight loss, regained her self-worth and confidence, and transformed both physically and emotionally. It was truly an emotional and life-changing experience for her.

The King who created a 600 pound woman

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